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Trademark Office in Tripura

Tripura, a state that has suitable climate all throughout the year and it is protected from natural calamities like flood, drought and others. The state is covered with forest and dependent on agrarian economy. Rice is the major food crops along with potato, sugarcane, mesta, pulses and jute. The state is famous for horticulture and produced a good amount of jackfruit and pineapple and among cash crops; rubber and tea are grown in extensive level. The people are also engaged in handicraft activities and manufacture hand-woven cotton fabric, wood carvings, and bamboo products. The forest of the land is rich in sal, garjan, teak and gamar.

The government is doing various works for promoting commercial activities in the state and introduced flexible norms for establishment of cottage industry so that it can be beneficial for the skilled population of the state. The state has rich naturalresources and it can be utilized in manufacturing of goods. For getting trademark registration of goods of a company, one can take approval from trademark office in tripura. However the government of India has not established any trademark registry office in Tripura for carrying registration purpose and it has given charge to Kolkata office for conducting the registration process of trade symbol for the businessmen of the Tripura.

Trademark Registration in Tripura

It is not an easy process for getting approval of mark for a company. A mark plays a vital role in identifying of product of a specific company amongst of other similar goods that are produced by different company. The businessmen of the state has to knock the door of Kolkata trademark office for getting approval of mark and also keep accounts on the registration process. To make the work of registration easy for the people of Tripura, our trademarks registration services are located at various places. Visit our services and take the help of our consultant for conducting tm office search, and other purpose related to trademark registration like trademark filing, search, watch and monitoring.