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Trademark Office in Maharashtra

India's leading industrial state, Maharashtra consists with urban population of 42 percent of total population in India and known as most urbanised state. With constructive economic condition, and financial capital, Mumbai, the state has given rise of various entrepreneurs to grow their business and increased the demand of trademark registration services.

The state economy depends upon chemical and allied products, electrical and non-electrical machinery, textiles, and petroleum and also it manufactured various products like metal products, iron castings, engineering goods, plastic wares, machine tools, jewellery, steel and wine. Looking various aspects of favorable business purpose, government of India has established Mumbai as trademark office in Maharashtra. Trademark office deals with registration and maintenance of mark of national as well as international company extending market in Maharashtra.

Trademark Registration in Maharashtra

If you are looking for trademark office search, for getting mark registration then visit our legal teams working all over Maharashtra. Our legal team will make your work easy and convenient. As 64 percent state population depends on agriculture and major food crops includes mangoes, bananas, grapes, bananas, wheat, rice, jowar, bajra and pulses, groundnuts and cotton, hence trademark registry office in maharashtra gives better opportunity to self employed farmers for getting recognisation of their products in state as well as national level.

Our teams deals with various aspects of mark registration and it conduct logo search, whether to ascertain that it conflict with other symbol or not. We also provide acknowledgement receipt of clients tentative trademark registration by trademark office to our clients to inform them that mark registration is on process of getting confirmation.