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Trademark Office in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and mountains crowned with snow with perennial rivers. The state ranks third fastest growing economy state of India and fourth position in the list of the highest per capita incomes. Available of perennial rivers in the state has made the state rank in top position in the list of generating hydroelectricity. Beside hydroelectric power, the state economy is also dependent on the tourism and agriculture.

The large population of the state conducts their own business and it has made a need of trademark office in himachal pradesh. For the trademark registry office in himachal pradesh, one has to approach delhi tm office for getting registration of mark for the company. The mark plays a vital role in establishing the identity of the company and its product amongst of other similar goods available in the market. Mark as a symbol or design gives a unique look to goods and services of a particular company. The trademark office deals in awarding permission to an applicant company on the right over the mark and its legal protection.

Trademark Registration in Himachal pradesh

As the state has large reserve of forest products, minerals and other natural sources, and various people are indulge in cottage industries, therefore our trademark registration services are available for them. Our legal teams guide people in tm office search, and filing of the application form for the registration related purpose. The guidance given by our legal teams will help the people to make the trademark registration work easier and convenient. We will instruct you and guide you in getting unique symbol and legal protection of mark by monitoring the symbol all over the country. As per law, a similar symbol could not be awarded to two different companies, so it is our right to help our client in helping them during legal proceedings and other problems that one can face during registration of symbol.