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Trademark Office in Assam

Gateway to North East part of India begins from the state of Assam, which has a large reserve of minerals, agriculture and forest products. The state has a good amount of national park including Kaziranga and Manas and composed with various wildlife and bird Sanctuaries. It is dependent on the agrarian economy and ranks in the top position for producing quality tea leaf. Around 300 kinds of herbs used in medicinal activities are found here with a large number of forest products like timber, bamboo, stone, cane that can be used in various commercial purposes. It has large reserve for oil refinery also and prompted various industries in the state.

The large reserve of natural product has given a space to self-employed to establish a small firm for producing the goods and sale them in open market and for it they need a trademark office in Assam for registration of symbol. As mark will provide them identity in open market, so trademark registry office in Assam has become a need of people. The mark represents the brand of the specific company and the people of Assam have to approach Kolkata office for getting approval of symbol for their company's goods. The trademark office works under the guidelines of Companies Act that was framed by government to allot and protect trademark.

Trademark Registration in Assam

For getting approval of mark for a particular goods and services of the company, the office of trademark registration was established. The office after taking note of the application for registration conducts enquiry on the proposed symbol. After being verified that mark is not used by any company, and it does not conflict with other pending application, the officials award symbol to the applicant company.

The trademarks registration services are available all over the Assam. Our registration services have a team of efficient legal advisor, who take care of every process and also inform on tm office search in the state. The team will guide the proprietor in filing forms and other related work.