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Trademark Office in Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir valley has been surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscape and composed of numerous pilgrimages that attract a large number of tourists for worshiping and knowing the culture. The economy of the state is dependent on agriculture and allied activities and valley is famous for manufacturing various goods like rugs and shawls. Kashmir willows, a wood used for manufacturing bat and saffron are internationally recognized and state earn a huge foreign revenue due to exports of various fruits like apple, nuts, peaches, pears, sorghum etc.

As the state is full of artists and craftsman, a large number of population are engaged in establishing their own industry for manufacturing goods and it has paved up the way for establishing trademark office in Jammu and Kashmir.As state has no trademark registry office in jammu and kashmir and government has given charge to Delhi office for maintaining trademark registration in the northern part of the country. Trademark is the combination of name or words or letter or any design that gives unique identity to the goods and services of a particular business group so that it can be distinguished easily in the presence of other similar goods in the market.

Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

To help the efficient skilled worker, artists and craftsman of the Jammu and Kashmir, we have opened various centers of trademarks registration services. Our legal teams provide help in tm office search, and other things that one required during registration of trademark.

Our services give high qualityand reliable services to the clients with expertise view in solving solutions. Our services also deal with protection and security of mark of a company and safety of symbol from illegal use. Visit our services and get a unique symbol for the product of the company and earn high profit by attracting large number of consumers.