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Trademark Office in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the beautiful states of the country surrounded with mountains and natural landscape and home of biodiversity and rapidly developing in various fields. Land locked and share boundaries with three foreign nations, the state appear as a small rectangular gemstone as from all three sides it is surrounded by steep mountain walls. The State has earned fame in the country in the field of agro-industry, horticulture, medicinal plants, tea, animal husbandry, handlooms and textiles, forest resources, eco-tourism and information technology.

The state government is determined to work for the growth of state and conducting various skill learning classes for their people. The people of the states are manufacturing various goods and they are in search of trademark office in sikkim or any trademark registry office in Sikkim for seeking trademark registration for their company. Kolkata has been established as an office for taking care of trademark registration. A unique mark gives a different identity to product and it gets a distinguished look amongst of similar product and draw the attention of public. The brand symbol determined the value of the product and help in marketing of the goods.

Trademark Registration in Sikkim

The key objectives of the development of the state was initiative taken by the local government to reduce poverty and illiteracy by conducting awareness program and spreading education with imparting employable skills to people. The state has seen tremendous growth and with the help of our trademarks registration services one can get registration of mark for the company with doing tm office search in the state. Our legal team conducts trademark search, monitoring, keep watch on the mark of other applicants company and grant legal right over the mark to our clients. We help in filing of the application form as well as avoid conflicts with other identical mark already allotted to other firms.