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Trademark Office

For registration of fresh visual symbol and maintenance of trademarks, government of India has established the trademark office. In a form of logo, sign, design, expression or any combination thereof, trademark is a visual symbol to indicate that goods are manufactured by a particular group. It also distinguished from similar goods manufactured by other company.

Under the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958, trademark office has been established in five place of the country. Mumbai as the head office of the trademark registration in India, it helps in felicitating the registration of mark. The trademark office conduct proper enquiry before granting any visual symbol to any organization. The indian tm offices conduct a enquiry to found out that mark is not been granted to any person or company. It also help for the protection of registered visual symbol and can also conduct action against erring person found guilty of using similar marks fraudulently.

Trademark Office Search in India

For trademark office search in India, our websites are here to help you. For registration of trademark, one can apply at any trademark registry office in india, located at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad. Every branch has its territorial limit for registration and maintenance of trademark.

We are here providing you details of the trademark registration services and its territorial jurisdiction. The trademark office at Delhi deals with regulation of trademark in the Northern part of country while while Mumbai and Ahmedabad office controls the activity of trademark registration in Western part of the country. Kolkata is established for maintenance of trademark registration in East and North east India while Chennai for South part of the country.