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Trademark Office in Manipur

Similar to the meaning of its name, Manipur, "A jeweled land" it is a state full of natural beauty and splendors that attracts people all over the world. The blue hills surrounds the state with an oval shaped valley located at the middle part, it is composed of rich culture heritage. It is a zone of cottage industry, where people are dealing with handlooms and handicrafts works. Most of the skilled weavers designed a world class standard of goods like tribal shawls and other varieties of fabrics. The abundance of bamboo has given rise to basket production. The people designed a large number of potteriesthat are used in various ritualsand ceremony purposes.

The people seeking approval of trade symbol for their product has to visit Kolkata office as there is neither trademark office in manipur nor any trademark registry office in Manipur. The symbol defined the brand of company and helps in consumer in identifying that the products that it is manufactured bya particular group or company. The design used as trade symbol attracts consumers to purchase product and quality of goods increase the business of the company.

Trademark Registration in Manipur

As Kolkata office is located at a long distance from the state of Manipur, and the people has to cover a long miles for the registration of mark, therefore trademarks registration services of our company are available for them. Helping in conducting tm office search, our consultants are ready to solve the problems of our clients. The registration of symbol is a long and time taking process due to avoid conflict on identical or similar symbol already in used. From trademark search to getting approval of trademark for the product of the company, our team will stand with our client and also take care of legal right if it found that some other company are illegally using your trade symbol.