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Trademark Office in Goa

Recognized as a state of the country in 1987, Goa, a tiny emerald land located on the west coast of India, has attracted a large number of tourist every year due to eye-catching sea beach. Emerging as the one of the most developed States in country, it has achieved top rank in terms of investment, environment and infrastructure. It has highest GDP per capita and a fast growing state in the field of tourism industry.

The state has reach reserve of minerals,like iron, bauxite, manganese, clays, limestone and silica. The important agriculture products of the state are rice, areca, cashew and coconut and an important center of the fishing industry that provides employment for about forty thousand people. The industries of the state deals with manufacturing of pesticides, fertilizers, tyre tubes, footwear, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wheat products, steel rolling, fruits and fish canning, cashew nuts, textiles, brewery product. As large populations of state are self-employed and thus it creates need of trademark office in goa. There is no trademark registry office in goa and government has established Mumbai as the office to deal with mark registration.

Trademark Registration in Goa

Trademark plays a key role in identifying the goods and services manufactured by a certain business firms. The mark distinguished the goods available in open market and consumers pay special attention to goods and purchase it after being satisfied with mark. Keeping the need of mark as an important place in the sale and purchase of goods, we have opened trademarks registration services for the people seeking registration of mark for the company. Our client will get help from our legal consultants regarding tm office search, and other things. We will watch monitor and work for the protection of mark of your company by conducting various research and enquiry from time to time.