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Brand Registration in India

Brand was originally developed as a term, name, design, and symbol. Powerful brand can bring success in competitive &financial markets and consequently become the markets valuable assets. Brand equity measures the value of brand to the owner of trademark. The brand name is used interchangeably with brand to identify written or spoken linguistic elements of the brand. Brand name is a type of trademark that identifies the brand owner as the commercial source of products /services. The brand owner may look for to protect the proprietary rights in relation to a brand name during trademark registration.

Brand Registration Services

We are leading law firm in consulting for the registration of your esteemed Product Name, company Brand Name, Logo, and Copy Right. We work intimately with our customers to advice on clearance and availability of brand names, logos, designs and trademarks. Our brand clearance team carries out general searches to clear brands for use. Our highly qualified & experienced attorneys advise clients, from large brand-owners and young start-up companies, on all aspects of brand clearance, trademark registration & enforcement of trademark rights.