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Firm Registration India

To register a firm in India follows the following steps:

  • On the receipt of firm's registration application on their letter head requesting Controller of Stores to grant registration for their firms, Firm Registration and Performance Section (FRPS) will issue letter in Standard format No.1(A) & Standard format No.1(B) asking them to furnish specifics and to deposit Rs.500/- towards the cost of registration form & Vendor Trade Group booklet.
  • When the application form is received by the firm, it will be scrutinized & deficiencies if any will be pointed out through letter in Standard format No.2.
  • After all the documents have been submitted by the firm, a confidential letter in the Standard format No.3 will be sent to the Bankers of the firm to get information concerning the financial status of the firm.
  • In case the firm is registered with NSIC afterward the confirmation will be obtained confidentially from the agency who has registered the firm regarding particulars of groups, grade and firm's performance report throughout Standard format No.4.
  • In case the firm is not registered with any of the agency then an Officer of Stores Department will be nominated to scrutinize the firm's premises. Nominated officer will submit report on financial capacity & the technical capability of the firm. On receipt of inspection report, FRPS will fill up the details in Standard Format No.5 and acquire the recommendations from concerned purchase officer about allotment of Trade Group(s) and category. After that, recommendations of concerned CMM commerce with the purchase of item(s) will be obtained & then case will be put up for decision regarding allotment of category and trade group(s).
  • If the firm is registered with any other Zonal Rly., Production Unit or NSIC then inspection of firm will not be carried out. The file duly filled in format No.5 is put up to concerned JAG/SG officers dealing with trade faction for their recommendation. After that, recommendations of anxious CMM dealing with the purchase of item(s) will be obtained & case will be put up for decision regarding allotment of trade group and category.
  • As soon as approval is granted for the firm registration, intimation will be sent in Standard format No.6 containing different conditions and terms and firms will be asked to submit subscription for the weekly stores bulletin as per procedure in vogue. The registration period will be mainly for a trial period of Two years and thereafter firm's performance will be reviewed for renewal.

Firm Registration Services

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