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Trademark Name Registration

The trademark name well well-known as trading name is the name which a business trade under for commercial purposes, although its registered, legal name used for contracts & other formal situation. Trade name is also used in the pharmaceuticals industries, which has different chemical names. The name must be distinctive & distinguishable on the record from preceding registration. The trademark name can be filed in the office of the secretary of the state. The office of the secretary of the state will seek its database similar names on file. The trademark name is not officially approved until the fees & application are received by the office and the proposed mark is being reviewed for the conflicts through the existing trademarks.

Registering trademark name is not the same as securing a trademark for your business name. A trademark is a form of intellectual property, which provides you with rights regarding how your business name may be used. Trademarks may also be obtained for specific words, phrases, logos, designs, symbols, images or a combination of these elements. Trademark domain names are playing major role as an address, which are used for identifying& locating computers on the Internet.

Trademark Name Registration India

To register a trademark name in India follow the below steps:

  • Preparation &filing of your Trademark application.
  • Maintaining your File & consultation with India Trademark Attorney, who is our Trademark Consultant during the time your mark is processed by the Registry.
  • Notifying acceptance of the objections /application by the office.
  • Counseling the publication of application in Trade Marks Journal &forwarding a copy of the relevant page publication to you.
  • Advising time limits for responding to office actions.
  • In the case of objections by the office, helping you to prepare the response. To the office objections throughout the services of our India Trademark Attorney.
  • Payment of Attorney Fees.
  • Payment of Office Fees for filing your application.