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Patent Trademark Registration

Patent trademark registration is a process for patenting a trademark registration, which is the exclusive right of inventor to, protect and prevent others from using same or identical trademark. Patent Trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive rights to use in to identify the services or goods from other's services or goods. It works like a weapon in the hand of registered proprietor or owner of the mark to prevent other traders from unlawful use of the mark of the registered owner. The registration of a trademark will give the exclusive right to the use of the mark in relation to the goods in respect of which the mark is registered and to obtain relief in respect of the trademark in the manner provided under the Act.

Patent Trademark Registration India

The Patent trademark registration in India is the restricted right of inventor to protect and avert others from using identical or the same trademark. It is easy way to protect a trademark registration by others to use patent procedure of trademark registration.