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What are Benefits Of Trademark Registration

While there are several advantages to registering a trademark, noticeably absent from the list of benefits is the ability to obtain a trademark. You acquire a mark in the United States by using it, not by registering it. Registration, then, has everything to do with enhancing the rights already granted by virtue of using the mark. However, many of these advantages are only accessible to marks that are registered on the Principal Register as opposed to those registered on the Supplemental Register. In order to qualify for registration on the most significant Register a mark must be: (1) in use; and (2) distinctive. Marks registered on the Supplemental Register may later be listed on the Principal Register once they meet these requirements.

  • Nationwide priority benefit
  • Incontestability benefit
  • Automatic right to sue in federal court benefit
  • Ability to recover money benefit
  • Use of the ® Symbol benefit
  • Enlisting help from the United States Customs Service benefit
  • Deters others from using your trademark benefit
  • Advantages in Proving Certain Matters in Court benefit
  • Provides a tool to stop cyber squatters from taking your mark for a domain name benefit
  • The Intangible "Leg Up" benefits
  • Register in Other Countries using the U.S. Priority Date benefit