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Ideally, a free trademark search is an analytical and comprehensive way of researching a name, logo or slogan for prior use. It is highly desirable to conduct a trademark search before filing an application for a trademark. A basic trademark explore includes applications for trademarks in India and registered trademarks. This search is only for information, but every possible effort has been made to ensure accurate is not responsible for any errors or omissions.We guarantee that all the trademark search requests will be performed and the trademark search report delivered to you by next business day or else. The Trademark Search Report will be communicated to you by email or Fax.

Free Trademark Search India

Trademark search provides detailed information on trademark name search. Trademark name search is required to make your trademark name is with permission available and it is best to do this before expansion, opening, incorporation or designing your logo. It is very important to know the full extent of any possible use of your mark prior to filling a trademark application. In addition, assuming the trademark search reflects that your mark is already registered, investing in a search for the mark you want will have saved you both the trademark application preparation fee as well as the trademark filing fees.