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Business Registration in India

Business registration in India is a requisite when setting up a business, mainly when the company is a public/private limited company. Limited companies are incorporated & registered under the Companies Act 1956 with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).The exact procedure to registration with the companies act entails the candidate to file an application with the ROC, Memorandum of Association (MOA), duly furnishing the name of the company, Articles of Association (AOA) among other documents. All these documents require to be submitted online throughout the website of the Ministry of Company Affairs.

A company can be registered as a public limited company/private limited company as per the Companies Act 1956. A private limited company has a minimum paid up capital of Rupees One Lakh. The number of members can vary between 2 to 50. Accordingly transfer of share is restricted to preserve the maximum number of 50 members at any point of time. The term member does not consist of employees of the company at any point of time. The General public cannot pledge to debentures or shares of a private limited company. On the other hand, a public limited company has a minimum paid up capital of Rupees five lakhs distributed among at least seven members with no upper limit. Unlike in private limited company, debentures &shares of a public limited company may be quoted in the stock exchange and are freely transferable.

Business Registration Services

When a foreign company strives to establish its maneuver in India, it requires to be registered with an Indian address. To assist our customers complete the formalities of the same, we are offering them with effectual Business Registration Services.

Our business registration assistance includes the following services:

  • Getting Permanent Account Number,
  • Getting Tax Deduction Number,
  • VAT Registration or CST Registration,
  • Services Tax Registration,
  • Import Export Code