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Trademark Application in India

A trademark application is a simple and effective way to protect the trademarks of an institution in India. An institution may lose a trademark if it stops using it, if appropriate quality control is not exercised over licenses, if the proper renewal forms are not filed. Trademark application in India is filed only after the trademark attorney accomplish a complete trademark search and when your trademark receives a positive trademark registerability opinion, then the trademark lawyer prepare and file an application for trademark registration in a particular class. Trademark application can also be filed through online by the trademark electronic application system. To the applicants, federal registration is moderately straightforward process. When completing the application, the service mark should be described.

If you want to register your trademark in India then the trademark application is needed to register trademark. Generally, this application comprises of the power of attorney and priority document. To register the mark as a trademark, the trademark should be idiosyncratic and not be similar to a mark previously registered or any pending prior application for registration. To the registration of trademark in India, we need protection to check that anticipated trademark is used or not by another person.