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Trademark Registration Procedure

Get cost-efficient trademark registration services with our law firm. The complete procedure for trademark registration is as follows i.e.

  1. The mark must be searched, which intend to be registered.
  2. As availability of mark, it will be filed within two days from the date of receipt of requisite amount and complete information.
  3. Application number and filing receipt will be provided on the date of filing.
  4. Provisional receipt/certificate will be issued within 30 to 40 days of application filing.
  5. Examination report will be issued within 6 to 7 months.
  6. Reply will be filed against examination report with supporting documents and if necessary, hearing will be attended.
  7. Mark will be published in trademark journal for four months and if no one countered it the same gets registered.

Information Required: In order to file a trademark application, the following details given below, are required along with explanation of the mark i.e.

  1. The applicant must have to provide proper Name, Nationality and Address.
  2. Present business status of the applicant (whether manufacturer, trader, exporter, service provider or so on).
  3. Applicant should have to provide complete list of goods or services for which the mark is going to be registered.
  4. Whether the mark has used in India or not, if yes, than applicant should provide month and year of first use.

At first, only abovementioned details are required during the filing of trademark application. The documents, may be required in near future, are Copy of brochures, Copy of advertisement, Copy of accounts/invoices, Copy of address proof or any other essential documents as per the wish of Examiner.

Charges: Our exclusive charges including of constitutional fees, excluding of pocket expenses and service tax, for filing application for one mark would be Rs. 8000.

The above mentioned charges are our services fee until you won't get the registration certificate if not it is surely opposed by anyone. It must to be noted that the legal right regarding the use of the mark usually starts from the date of filing the application; you can legally use of TM along the mark from the day, it has filed.