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Free Trademark Search and Registration

Used as a distinct mark or sign, trademark usually identified as service mark that believed as most powerful tools to keep safe and sound individuality of business and products. Trademark regularly utilized by individual, businesses, and other legal entity to make publicize that products or services to potential consumers with fastidious trademark originates from a distinct source, and to make peculiarity to its products or services from other business units. Ours forward-looking law firm works of trademark services, offering flawless free trademark search to maintain distinctiveness of individual trademark. One can sure for their unique mark with our trademark search is exclusively free and can get affordable trademark registration services with all-embracing support and assistance.

The free Trademark Search and Registration in India includes:

  • Trademark application preparation & filing.
  • Keeping up your File and consultation with India Trademark Attorney, who is our Trademark Consultant through the time your mark is coursed by the Registry.
  • Informing to the approval of the objections or application by the office.
  • Making the publication of application in the Trade Marks Journal and sending a copy of the applicable page publication to you.
  • Informing time boundaries for responding to office actions.
  • In case of any objections made by trademark office, assisting you to get prepared for the response. To the office objections during the services of our India Trademark Attorney.
  • Attorney Fees Payment.
  • Office Fees Payment for filing trademark application.