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Trademark Office in Bihar

Lying on the lap of Gangetic plain, Bihar is blessed with a fertile land suitable for the cultivation of various crops. The state has a large reserve of natural product and become a center of attraction for various national and international recognized companies to start business here. The important forest products of the state are Shorea Robusta (Sal), Shisham, CedrelaToona, Khair, and Semal and produce in abundance various cereals and crops like paddy, wheat, lentils, sugarcane, jute with fruits like mangoes, banana, jack fruit and litchis. The mineral like steatite, pyrites, quartzite, crude mica and limestone are found here.

A large number of people of the state are composed of skilled labor and efficient in arts and crafts activities that have attracted foreign investors and national company to develop commercial activities in the state. The need for trademark office in bihar has become important due to presence of various self-employed but as absence of the trademark registry office in Bihar has created a trouble for them. The trade symbol plays a key role in defining products, goods and services that are produced by a specific group and also attract consumers to purchase the product irrespective of other similar goods available in the market. The office established for trademark registration has to look after the trademark registration and protection.

Trademark Registration in Bihar

Keeping in aspects that the entrepreneurs and other proprietor of the state did not suffer in commercial and trade activities due to absence of trademark, we have open various centers of trademarks registration services in different parts of Bihar. Our registration services are composed of various legal proficient that deals with every issue related to trademark registration and protection as well as provide detail of tm office search. The legal consultant will conduct search on the prescribed trade symbol of the company to find out whether it is allotted to any company or not or also monitor and watch that it does not conflict with other pending applicants' marks.