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Trademark Office in Gujarat

Gujarat has gain popular in the world due to manufacturing of pottery from its famous clay. Now the state leads the country in various articles that has attracted a large number of investors to invest funds in the state. It produces a huge amount of fine furniture, electric fans, shoe and leather with clothes and other goods. Over thousands of cottage, small and large-scale industrial units are operating in the state and manufacturing quality goods. Rice production and many other factories engaged in manufacturing of electrical goods, and other are providing jobs to skilled worker of Gujarat.

The increasing number of self-employed has created demand of trademark registration in the state. The government has established Ahmedabad as trademark office in gujarat, which deals with the maintenance of trademark and registration of new mark to a specific group. As mark is necessary for representing company and its product in the market as it differentiates products from other goods of different company available for sale in the market. The trademark registry office in gujarat grants legal right of mark and symbol to company and the unique design helps it in getting easily identification in the market.

Trademark Registration in Gujarat

As the state has large reserve of minerals and other natural products with efficient man power for giving best outcome, therefore, our trademark registration services are here to help those who are seeking approval of mark for the company in Gujarat. Our clients will come across tm office search, and other things related to trademark watch, monitoring, process of registration and filing of application mark. Our legal team is composed of efficient professionals, who deals with every aspects of trademark registration and try to reduce shortcomings during the procedure of registration. We also keep watch on the prospective business and commercial activities of the state. The trademark registration office conducts an enquiry before granting permission over mark to a specific company.