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Trademark Office in Chattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, a state full of opportunities to explore commercial activity as it has large reserve of natural products in different part of the state. The important minerals found in the state are diamonds, gold, iron-ore, coal, corundum, bauxite, dolomite, lime, tin and granite and various industries like power, steel, aluminum and cement industries are available in the state. Rice, maize, tur and kulthi and various oilseeds like groundnut, soyabean and sunflower are also cultivated by the state people.

Sal, Timber wood are chief forest product while city has a large number of small-scale industries based on the forest product and it manufactured, furniture, bidi, silk and kattha. The state has feel a need of existence of trademark office in chhattisgarh. But due to non-available of trademark registry office in chhattisgarh, one has to go the nearest trademark registration center for getting approval on the trade symbol. The right over the product to a specific company is granted under the trademark registration as symbol is used to describe that this product is produced by a specific company.

Trademark Registration in Chhattisgarh

Taking in account that Chhattisgarh is not felicitated with trademark office, our company has taken charge for helping the skilled people of the state and encourages them in commercial activities that will decide economy of the state. The trademarks registration services of our company deals with every issue related to trademark registration and also help in tm office search. The legal consultants are proficient enough to deal the issue efficiently and help one in filing and submitting documents and application forms as per required by trademark office.

For registering of trademark, the officials conduct various enquiries on the symbol and authorization of company. The legal experts deals the matter in an efficient way so that no can face any trouble during trademark registration.