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Trademark Office in Nagaland

Surrounded with lively hills from all sides, Nagaland is located in the extreme North East part of the country and famous for rich traditional and cultural heritage in the country. The major food crops of the state are rice, maize, millet, grams, rubber, tea and chief minerals of the state are coal, lime stone, petroleum, and marble. The major food products of the state are banna, pineapple, orange, passion fruit, pears, plum, jack fruit and it also produces commercial crops like ginger, garlics, chilli, tomato and potato.

Around 90 percent of the people are engaged in agriculture and forest products are major source of income. The people are engaged in cottage industries and manufactured various goods related to weaving, woodwork, and pottery. To provide trademark registration to the goods manufactured by native craftsman, it is necessary to have a trademark office in nagaland or any trademark registry office in Nagaland. As Kolkata office has given charge for looking trademark registration and maintenance in the north east state of India, therefore, people has to approach Kolkata for getting approval on the proposed trademark. A mark or symbol gives unique look to a product manufactured by a company for commercial activity and it attracts and wins confidence of the consumers.

Trademark Registration in Nagaland

Our trademarks registration services located at different place of the state are turning a best help to the skilled self-employed of the state. We provide every details of trademark registration to our clients along with tm office search, available in various parts of the states. As trademark office did not allow permission to us identical marks, so we conduct search on the mark and also keep watch and monitor trademark of other applicants. Our legal experts will help our clients in proper filling of application form so that it did not face any problems during the registration and office allowed the mark to company without any hesitation.