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Trademark Office in Arunachal Pradesh

Located in the north east part of India, Arunachal Pradesh came into existence as a state of india in 1987. The state has beautiful landscapes with various mountains covered by snow all over the year and gifted with fertile land as it lies in the plains of Brahmaputra valley. The state has large reserve of forests products and important minerals found here are Dolomite, Graphite, Coal, Quartzite, Limestone, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Yello Ochre, and Marble. The hydro-power potential of the state is much larger than any other state in the country.

The skilled labor and craftsmen of the state has given rise to various small and large scale industries in the state and also made a need for establishing trademark office in Arunachal Pradesh. The trademark registry office in Arunachal Pradesh is not available and Government has given charge to Kolkata office for dealing registration and maintenance of mark in the state. Mark is a visual symbol that assured consumer that it is manufacture by a particular company. The people seeking registration of symbol for their company's goods and services has to approach Kolkata office. Every works related to trademark allocation is dealt by Kolkata trademark office under the guidelines mentioned in the Act for trademark registration, framed by Government of India.

Trademark Registration in Arunachal Pradesh

Our trademarks registration services are available in different part of the state and one can visit our webpage for tm office search. The registration service has a large number of legal consultants that deals with every shortcomings that a proprietor has to face during registration process.

We render our best service to our clients and inform them about the process of trademark registration and help them to fill the application file. The legal experts also took account of trademark watch and monitoring services to find out whether your mark are not allotted to other company or it does not look similar with other mark applied by other firm.