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Trademark Office in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, situated at south east part of the country is one among the state of India that has largest coastline. Situated at the coastline of Bay of Bengal, the state has a huge mass of trader that deals with the business related to Sea Shells, fisheries and other commercial activity. The state is also called the rice bowl of the country as it produced high amount of rice. There are large numbers of products and good that the state produced yearly and cause benefit to state by yielding high revenue.

Keeping a better production of goods by the skilled worker of the state in light, the government of India has established Chennai as for the trademark office in Andhra Pradesh. Without thinking that there is no trademark registry office in andhra pradesh, one can take help of our legal consultant andacquireallinformation related to trademark registration process. Trademark could be a logo or design or any combination used in the product to indicate the consumers that it is manufactured by a specific company. Under the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958, trademark office has been established for registering and providing legal protection to mark of a company.

Trademark Registration in Andhra Pradesh

The proprietor seeking registration of trademark for the product of his company can fill application form and submit it in the trademark office. The officials of trademark registration services after conducting enquiry on the prescribed mark will grant permission. As trademark must not conflict with existing mark or with any pending application, therefore trademark watch or monitoring services are required for inspection.

Our trademarks registration services will help you in every process dealing with mark registration including tm office search.Our efficient legal experts will guide you on the issue of trademark registration and protection and also carry a search on the prescribed mark of your company to ascertain that it is used or not in the national as well as international market.