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Trademark Office in Tamil Nadu

The most urbanized state in India, Tamil Nadu ranked second among all states of the country in terms of contribution towards India's gross domestic product and also stands second in terms of industry. The state ranks third in the position of all states in foreign direct investments. Keeping all aspects of favorable business trademark office in tamil nadu is located at Chennai, so that self employed with other multinational company can establish the business in the state and earned a huge income. The state economy also depend on growth tourism sector as it has various hill stations, beach resorts, multi-religious pilgrimage sites and eight UNESCO world heritage sites. Keeping all aspects of constructive trade in the state, our legal teams are here to provide trademark office search for people seeking mark registration.

Trademark Registration in Tamil Nadu

Rice Bowl of South India, Cauvery delta region falls in Tamil Nadu. Other major products of the state are tapioca, onion, brinjal, and drumstick and also known for its varied floriculture by growing various flowers like Jasmine, mullai, marigold and rose. Second in the production of mango, and natural rubber, it is third largest producer of coffee. With textile mills, engineering industries, automobiles, it has created various opportunity of business and created a demand of trademarks registration services.

The state has 70 per cent of leather tanning capacity and 38 percent of leather footwear and components. Keeping constructive business aspects of the state, government of India has established trademark registry office in tamilnadu for registration and maintenance of mark. People can contact us for the mark registration as we are here to deal with your problems and issue that rise during mark registration.