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Trademark Office in Jharkhand

Jharkhand was established as a state in 2000 by government of India. The state has large reserve of forest products and therefore it is also known as land of forest.Forests covered over 29 percent of total land area of the state, which is amongst the highest in India. The has gained famous in the country as in plenty amount mineral resources like coal, Iron ore, uranium, mica, bauxite, granite, gold, silver, graphite, magnetite, dolomite, fireclay, quartz, fieldspar and copper are found here. The name "Jharkhand" means "The Land of Forests".Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro Steel City, Dhanbad and Ramgarh are among the famous industrialized cities of the state. The industry like fertilizer factory, Iron & steel factory, steel plant exist here.

The state is also known for handicrafts and a large number of populations has set up their own company and produced a quality goods. This entire factor has developed a need for setting up trademark office in jharkhand. The government of India has not established any trademark registry office in Jharkhand and assigned Kolkata office to take control of trademark registration and protection for the people of the state. As without a trade symbol, a company lost its value and product cannot be easily distinguished in the presence of other similar goods in the market, therefore mark registration has become important to every individual, who wants to start his or her business in the state.

Trademark Registration in Jharkhand

Keeping into light that trademark office is not available in Jharkhand and for trademark registration, the businessman of the state has to approach Kolkata office, so we have open various centers of trademarks registration services to help the people. As for registration purpose of symbol of company, one has to conduct tm office search, and to find out whether the proposed mark of the company does not conflict with other. The mark should be unique and therefore our legal consultants look over every process of trademark registration and watch and monitor the pending application for making the work easy. Come to us and take necessary guidance for getting approval on the company's mark and start your business.