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Trademark Office in Kerala

Kerala lies along the coastline composed of natural beauty due to available of steep mountains, gorges and deep-cut valleys, and large area is covered with dense forests. The presence of 44 rivers in the state, add beautiful glory to the state. Famous as a land of coconut, it is a leading state in production of coconut. It also produced extensive amount of rubber and cash crops like pepper, arecanut and tapioca. The state is also rich in the production of tea and coffee.

As the state is full of coconut tree and large number of people is involved in business related to goods manufactured by raw materials extracted from coconut tree, therefore it has become importance for the businessmen of the state to have a trademark office in kerala, Since there is trademark registry office in Kerala so the people has to visit Chennai office for getting approval on the mark. Trade symbol has become an important sign for the identification of company. The symbol should not identical with other symbol as a unique design can be easy for consumers to distinguish the product of an exact company from other similar product manufactured by other company.

Trademark Registration in Kerala

As Chennai office is located at a long distance from the people of Kerala, it creates problems for the businessmen to visit office and get registration of trademark leaving their commercial activities. Therefore our company has opened various trademarks registration services to help the entrepreneur as well as other needy people for establishing business in the state and to conduct tm office search.

Our consultants help people in trademark search, to look after that there is no identical or similar trademark already registered earlier or not. We help in filing application for trade symbol registration, examine keenly the application and for publishing of the application. If it is found that trademark conflicts with other pending application then we provide basic legal right and support to our client.