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Trademark Office in Orissa

Orissa now called as odisha has attracted foreign as well as local tourist due to a large coastline composed of attractive sea beach. The state is also rich in minerals like coal, iron ore, bauxite, chromite, steel, aluminum and other natural resources. A large of industrial units dealing with IT, automobiles, steel and others opened a door for prospective economic growth of the state. It has a large number of cottage industries that manufactured various arts and crafts, decorative items, handlooms and attracted a large number of businessmen to invest money in the state.

For sale and purchase of the goods and services, a company has to get first registered with a trademark. Trade symbol of the company defines the brand of the company in national and international market. As per government norms marks could be of any design, letter or any combination of graphics that should be unique and conflict. The people has to file the registration form for seeking mark in the office in Orissa, The government has not established any trademark registry office in Orissa and given charge to Kolkata office for every activity related to trademark approval and safety from illegal use of used mark.

Trademark Registration in Orissa

For getting registration of mark, one can fill the application mark online or submit it in the registration counter after mentioning the design of logo and other details of the company. To avoid hurdles during the procedure of registration of the mark, our trademarks registration services are open for all. One can visit our counters for seeking nearby tm office search or take our help for getting the registration work.

Our legal consultants are capable to deal with every process of mark registration and it will also guide you in trademark search, watch and monitoring so that the prescribed symbol of your company did not face problem due to existence of identical symbol in the global market.