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Trademark Office in Rajasthan

Known as the land of Kings, Rajesthan stands second in the production of polyester fiber in India. The state is also known for his white marble production as Taj Mahal was built with the marble mined from Markrana, a town of this state. So, with extensive production of white marble and polyester fiber, it has become important for the people engaged in such activity to get a trademark registry office in rajasthan. As for the people of Rajasthan, Government has given power to mark office of Ahmadabad to control all the activity related to symbol registration.

The is here to provide legal support for getting approval of mark as well as to look whether your proposed symbol does not conflict with other. Instead of feeling depressed due to lack of trademark office in rajasthan, contact our team.

Trademark Registration in Rajasthan

The trademark office search in the state has get importance due to rise of various industrial sectors. The state economy depends upon agricultural product. The main crops cultivated in Rajasthan are pulses sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton and tobacco. It is also known for wool production and opium production. Most of the industries are based on agriculture and textiles.

Standing second in cement production, it has also deposit of rich salt. The copper mines at Khetri, Jhunjhunu and zinc mines at Dariba, Zawar mines at Zamarmala for Zinc Rampura Aghucha near Bhilwara made it important for the trademarks registration services in the Rajesthan.