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Trademark Office in Mizoram

Surrounded by high hills, Mizoram is a home of natural beauty with its endless variety of landscape, hilly terrains, twisting streams and deep gorges. A large reserve of flora and fauna are found here. The people of the state are too friendly and no class distinction and no discrimination on grounds of sex are seen in the state. The people of the state practice the occupation of agriculture, fishing, mining and quarrying and some of the population is dependent on the forest product while few are engaged in the business of handlooms and handicrafts.

As a large number of cottage industry are found in the state and it has made the requirement of trademark office in mizoram or any trademark registry office in Mizoram so that people has not to visit Kolkata office for seeking approval of the trade symbol for the sale of the goods of their own company. A mark used for commercial activities of the goods so that the product get a unique look through its brand symbol in the market and drew the attention of the purchaser.

Trademark Registration in Mizoram

The people of the state has not to move out of the state for the purpose of registration of the mark for their company, therefore we have open various branches of trademarks registration services in different parts of the Mizoram. With the service of conducting tm office search, available in various parts of the states for our clients, we also help in filing of registration forms and support the innovators of business till the end of registration process at an affordable price.

If the proposed symbol of the company conflict with other identical allotted symbol or with fresh applicants, whose registration is pending in the counter, then we also provide legal support and guidance to our clients.