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Trademark Office in Delhi

Delhi, national capital city of India has seen tremendous growth in commercial activity. Known as a hub of commercial center in the northern part of country, it has given various opportunity of earning money through various sources. Delhi has secured third position during 2010 on the basis of per capital income.

Offering opportunity for trade related activities; it has attracted various overseas companies and other national company to establish business center here. To grant right over the symbol to a particular company, government of India has established trademark office in delhi.

Following the norms regulated by government, trademark office conducts an enquiry on the proposed trademark and then it grants approval to a particular business group or a corporation. As trademark grants right over the prescribed mark to a company so that it can launch the product with unique identification and attracts consumer for purchasing the product. For getting a unique logo for the product, visit our trademark registration services. Our legal teams are here to solve all issues related to trademark registration and ready to guide you, whenever anything required.

Trademark Registration in New Delhi

Trademark could be in any form either it can be logo, sign, design, expression or any combination of any graphics. Having its own identity amongst of other product could be determined by a unique logo or design. The trademark registry office in delhi dwarka deals with the protection and registration of trademark for the region of national capital city as well as states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and the Union Territories of Chandigadh.

To get more information on trademark office search and trademark registration in delhi you can consider us. Working for granting best services to our visitor, our legal team gives information related to trademark registration in the country and make your work easy and convenient.